Peasie grew up chasing bears alongside her big sister Sidney, an Australian cattle dog with a fearlessness that made every bear they encountered turn and run. Or climb the nearest tree. Peasie just assumed that’s what you do with bears – you chase them away, and they run. Peasie and Sidney looking for something to get

A dog is a river flowing on a bed created by his experiences – experiences that are shaped almost entirely by the people in his life. Do we know the responsibility we carry as the caregivers of this river? Do we understand the depth of impact and effect we have? How do we contribute to

You are supposed to be calm and level-headed, confident and unafraid. Right? But what if things are truly scary – your dog is trying to tackle the little pup that just ran up from out of nowhere. What about the woman from next door trying to hug your dog and you are worried they will nip at her if she gets any closer?

Can you recognize when your dog is feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated? Do you know what to do when it happens?Stress signals are indicators dogs use when they are experiencing extremes of emotion and energy. They include: barking, jumping, whining, drooling, panting, pacing, rolling over, and escaping. Generally, they are the things that annoy or embarrass

Dogs possess expansive hearts, minds and spirits. They ex¬perience a full range of emotions, just as humans do. While each dog is unique, there exists a universal body language that ex¬presses certain ranges of feelings and needs; called calming sig¬nals.Calming signals are body gestures and postures that dogs of all species (including humans) use to

My best friends are a motley crew,Full of fur and tails and whiskersWith only one outfit to wearEvery day of their livesThey couldn’t be more different from me, Liking things I have no interest inWith favourite pastimes likeScreaming at passersbyChewing smelly bonesAnd toushie sniffingWith dreams of chasing squirrels And eating dead miceThey terrorize the neighbourhoodAnd